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We are architects, partners, and regular people. We had gathered experience on our own in various architectural studios. Since 2019, we have been evolving together. Each of our projects has to speak for itself—it must be inspired and have a zest that is very hard to describe, but you can feel it when it is there. We are young and it’s our second nature to experiment, play, and break down stereotypes. We ask and listen. A lot. At the beginning of each project, we ask about your habits, preferences, and life rhythm. The information provided is then transformed into shapes, spaces, colors, and materials. When you see the result of our work, we want you to say: “This is exactly what we wanted but we would never have thought of this solution ourselves".

Completed projects

Project MANYA japanese izakaya
Client MANYA sushi & sake izakaya
Year 2020
Description INTERIOR OF JAPANESE IZAKAYA MANYA Neither a bistro nor a sushi restaurant. Simply izakaya. Traditional Japanese pub where you can fill your belly and wash everything down with beer or sake. The kitchen is always buzzing, the bar is full of joy, bustle, and life. Creating such an atmosphere allowed us to run our imagination wild. High contrast, colors, various lights, different heights of tables and chairs… The exact opposite of simple, minimalist interiors. All you have to do is enter and be transported to the other side of the world. We combined inspiration that Margita and Martin gathered in Japan, retro style, and Japanese pop art. All of this was put together into a functional and lively whole with an almost homely atmosphere. Despite the relatively small space, we managed to fit in a large central table that can be used to hold workshops and events, as well as small tables for smaller groups and couples, and an area for private gatherings. Whether you come to drink sake or for a relaxed food tasting, you won’t be able to tell if you are still in Brno or one of Tokyo’s alleyways.
AwardsMANYA Sushi & Sake Izakaya is a Nominee for the 2022 Building of the Year Awards at Archdaily -


JUNG architekti
JUNG architekti  
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Adam Jung
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